Function Band in Kent

The Band

Kathryn Mary Parker, Vocals

Kathryn is a fantastically soulful performer. She has appeared across Europe in musical theatre, shows and bands. Kathryn has spent much of the last decade touring and recording in Europe upon the stage prior to returning to Sneakin’ Sally having been the original singer in 1996.

Geoff Parker, Guitar

Geoff is a founder member of Sneakin’ Sally and has had a wide ranging musical past. Emerging in the late 60’s British Blues Boom where he performed alongside artists like Jethro Tull, Ike & Tina Turner, The Nice and many other International acts. Geoff brings the great vision & direction to the band that has seen them develop over the last 10 years and brings that much cherished "retro" sound that only comes with experience.

Terry Banfield, Saxophone

They say that the saxophone is the nearest instrument to the human voice and to hear Terry play confirms this. Rarely can a band sound so professional, chic and sophisticated without the sax’s soulful melody. Terry comes from a pedigree stable based on the Big Band sound and has toured the world. Terry plays Alto, Tenor and EWI and is undoubtedly the “cream on the cake” for Sneakin'Sally.

Mike Bantin, Keys

Mike learnt to play the piano from the age of six, joined his first band at ten, and so, at his current age, has plenty of experience!

Mike has performed in a wide variety of musical styles from choral to classical, jazz to funk and pop to rock in several bands over the years and is able to switch effortlessly between modern sounding synths and retro keyboard grooves. He now also plays regularly in solo spots as well as the band work with Sneakin’ Sally.

Harry Evangelou, Bass

Harry has been playing bass for a while now and is passionate about his playing on both electric bass and double bass. he loves all kinds of music but especailly soul, jazz and funky tunes and that’s why he enjoys Sneakin’ Sally. Harry has toured extensivly in previous years with various bands and worked with all sorts of musicions from different parts of the world and has done all types of live recordings, tv shows, concerts, right down to playing ggs from ocean going cruisers at different docks aorund the country and through major cities on the back of a flat bed lorry. You can also check out some more on

Thierry Rousseau, Drums

The first experience our new French drummer ever had with the English music scene was when attented the famous “DrumTech” drum academy at the age of 20. Back to Northern France, he then established a solid reputation as a groovy and versatile player, at ease with any type of music. Touring extensively, mainly in France and Germany, he eventually became the house drummer of a weekly nationwide french live TV show for two years. Recently relocating to Kent (to marry an English woman), Thierry soon met our bass player Harry, with whom he now forms one of the finest and most efficient rythm sections of the area.

Sneakin’ Sally